Secure Software Alliance

Assuring application security (by Design)

Is your organization already “hacked”?

Big chance this hack could occur as a result of insecure software. The consequences can be disastrous when (privacy) sensitive information falls into the wrong hands. Secure software is an essential component in the battle against cybercrime.

Focus on “Secure Software Development” requires full attention during all phases of a development project. The Secure Software Foundation was founded in 2014 as a result of the development of the Framework Secure Software (FSS). The Framework has been developed by various security-firms in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and ECP. The Framework is already widely accepted by stakeholders in the software supply chain, including, designers, developers and auditors and software users. Given the rapidly increasing interest in our FSS, we broadened our mission to promote and encourage all aspects of Secure Software (Development). This resulted in renaming to Secure Sofware Alliance to emphasise the need to work close together with other initiatiatives, e.g. Secure Software Development (SSD) from CIP.

Mid 2015’s a public-private initiative has been started enabling organizations to connect and participate through a partner model.

Agile Secure Software Lifecycle Management Secure
Our method is part of the Roadmap for Digital Hard- and Software Security of Dutch Government.
The not-for-profit SSA aims to assure the security of software! This book is an important step in this objective.
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