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By Barry Derksen|mei 2, 2017


Framework Secure Software Implementation Guidelines

This document describes a set of high-level secure software practices to implement the Framework Secure Software.

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Framework Secure Software Controls

This document defines the controls in the Framework Secure Software which are specified per phase.

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Agile Secure Software Lifecycle Management

Secure by Agile Design

‘Agile’, ‘… SCRUM’, ‘… DevOps …’, ‘Big Data’, ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’, ‘… Blockchain …’ are just a few of the winged terms that can be heard and read everywhere today.

All terms that have enormous in influence, directly or indirectly on humanity. We all use the technology from smartphones to self-driving cars. And all this technology has one thing in common: it is controlled by software!

Every day we also read the headlines about hackers, cyber-crime, DDOS and the many other possibilities of abuse, failure, theft, loss, leak of important (personal) information or money. Safe software, both in development and in use, is therefore not a luxury.
Seeing that organizations are adopting Agile development in a rapid pace the Secure Software Alliance ( aims to provide methods and controls for secure development. In this book the Agile Secure Software Development Framework is introduced together with a method for maturing the Agile Secure Software Development Life Cycle. In short sprints the need, the trends, fundamentals and agile secure software development is explained.

The Secure Software Alliance (SSA) provides organizations with a practical method to build and manage agile secure software in the sprints six and seven in this book.

Our method is part of the Roadmap for Digital Hard- and Software Security of Dutch Government.

The not-for-profit SSA aims to assure the security of software! This book is an important step in this objective.

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Webinar at annual conference Nederland Digitaal

This presentation describes how to integrate software security throughout its life cycle and was facilitated by the Secure Software Alliance for a webinar at the annual conference Nederland Digitaal.

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Secure Software Lifecycle Management

This brochure explains how Dutch government and industry cooperate together in making software security measurable, manageable and controllable during its lifecycle.

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About the Secure Software Alliance

This presentation explains the goals of the Secure Software Alliance and the importance of security in the lifecycle of software.

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Manifest Secure Software Alliance (concept)

In this Manifest (concept) we position the challenges for secure software in four clusters:

  • the security of software,
  • the agile development of secure software,
  • the maintainability of secure software and evolution,
  • the expertise to develop and maintain secure software.

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